EXPLOTER "ApplePie" CarPlay AI Box: Newest Software Update Link

🔵 Online User manual

User manual for "Applepie Rocket / Ultra / Plus 2.0/ mini 3.0: Android 13 Carplay AI box

🔵 How to upgrade ApplePie (If the box is working well with car, we not suggest to upgrade it to avoid comes unknown issues.)

  • 【We can made a easy update】 for ApplePie AI box to fix issues quick.(Connect the AI box to a network first, then click the Protocol version 5 times, it will display the protocol-update menu, click the update and re-connect the AI box. )
  • 【The full update online】: Connect the AI box to a network first, click the "Updater" icon of AI box, it will display the OTA menu, one click to check the newest version and download it online, and cost 8-15 minutes to install it.
  • 【The full update via TF card】: please check the "ApplePie Version" information of your AI box, can you get the right link of the update file. (such as picture below)

Note: Please click the link of date to download the files.

Model & Parameters Download Version/ Link Instructions

ApplePie Ultra

Ultra US version 

APM1688 (2024/5/8)


        ApplePie Plus 2.0

        APM1288S (2024/5/8)

              ApplePie Plus 1.0

                  ApplePie Max

                  ApplePie ROCKET

                  APM1888 (2024/5/8)

                  ApplePie mini 2.0

                  Improved the connection.

                    ApplePie mini 1.0

                    Improved the connection.

                      ApplePie SE

                      Improved the connection.

                        Z4" "Z4 lite

                        Improved the connection.

                          ApplePie AI-900 RK

                          (U-Disk upgrading Video https://youtu.be/N0jedRhD838)

                            If the download link of year-month-day button not work,  please contact us to renew it Via Online Message or E-mail to sales8@exploter.com.

                          1. Newest "AutoPlay" APK for AI666-A wireless CarPlay dongle for Android device Download it .  
                                  1. Operate steps of Applepie Ultra/ Plus 2.0/ Rocket firmware update :
                                    • Download the compressed file and copy it to a micro SD card.
                                    • Insert this card into the AI box and it will automatically upgrade. 
                                    • Please take out the tf card when AI box restart.

                                      🔵 How to set the remote control


                                      🔵 How to get the device LOG file

                                      • Insert a TF card, enter Settings--->ApplePie Settings, select "Copy Log File to SD Card", and wait for the copy to be completed.

                                        You can check whether the debug.zip file is produced in the TF card in the file manager or ES file browser application.

                                        Copy the debug.zip file generated on the TF card on the computer and send it to us. We will analyze this log file and check to see what the problem is.

                                      🔵 How to upgrade the firmware of the box without seeing the display screen and unable to operate

                                      Obtain the firmware upgrade package such as named "APM888.zip".

                                      Please prepare a TF card and put "APM888.zip" directly into the TF card (place it directly in the root directory, no need to create any folder, and no need to decompress this file). The TF card used for the upgrade does not need to be a blank card, and it does not have to be an upgrade file, that is, the TF card you use every day can be used as an upgrade card.

                                      You can use the CarPlay USB interface on the car to power on the box, or you can use a USB interface 5V/2A DC output mobile phone charger to power on the box.

                                      After the box is powered on, please wait 2 minutes to ensure that the red power indicator on the box is always on and the blue working status indicator flashes once every second.

                                      At this time, please insert this upgrade TF card, about 2 minutes, when the blue LED is always on and the red LED is flashing, you can pull out the upgrade card.

                                      Wait another 3 minutes, when the red LED is always on and the blue LED flashes once every second, the upgrade process is complete.

                                      The entire upgrade process takes about 5 minutes.

                                      Note: It is best not to power off during the upgrade process, and do not pull out the TF card during the process of copying the upgrade file to the internal memory. Of course, if the above situation occurs, ApplePie will not be damaged, and it will work normally after restarting. It's just that your upgrade process was cancelled this time, and the normal upgrade cannot be completed.

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