At year 2009, Exploter International Electronics Limited Register in HK and started to fous on car GPS navigation system. Till 2013 we start registers ShenZhen solution company ,having own research and development team. we customized GPS system for many car importer, car dealer and car distributor in the different areas of the world.

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What is ApplePie CarPlay Ai Box

Applepie Carplay Ai box is a plug and play smart device for cars with wired Apple Carplay function. it's same as iPhone connect to some cars can active CarPlay on car radio system. our product is able to add a Android OS on car radio system.
this device can work without network (to wireless Carplay, local video/music play), also can more with network via using a 4G SIM card directly, or using cell phone hot spot.

How to use Carplay Ai Box?

Connect Ai box to car USB port to work (which should be support Apple Carplay function), wait 6-10 secs, the car screen will enter Android OS, you can control the Android OS by touch screen / knob / Steering wheel buttons same as control the CarPlay on your car.

If ApplePie Ai box work on my car?

CarPlay AI box support OEM car radio system with the Original Apple Carplay function. please check this function on your car?

And it is not support BMW cars.

How to upgrade Applepie Ai box?

Please visit our official website to get the newest upgrade software

Should the Netfilx needs upgrade?

Hello dear friend, the pre-installed Netflix is special version our engineer make just for our Ai box.please don't upgrade our pre-installed Netflix app.
and you can back to the pre-installed version from the user manual https://cdn.shopifycdn.net/s/files/1/0573/6238/3041/files/Instruction_Manual-ApplePie_Mini_CarPlay_AI_Box.pdf?v=1628079288

  • Within 30 days had to get a replacement

    After I installed the upgrade from the website for the apple pie, it started to act weird and wasn't connecting . Sometimes it would take 5 to tens minutes to connect with the android. Eventually, not at all. You don't need a SIM card to connect to your phone, but you do if you want Netflix. I just wanted my Toyota Corolla to connect to Android auto for navigation since my car only has apple interface (2020 older model and Toyota doesn't want to upgrade the firmware and I'm not paying 5k for a new head unit)) It doesn't interfere with the back up camera. When it works, there was no issue with hands free phone use, or radio.
    Not sure why after the upgrade it got slower and then stopped working. It happened right before Amazon period to exchange which was great since I contacted the company and they never emailed back. If it fails again then I'll try another product as this is an older android 9 and I see now others have newer android interface. That's why I'm only marking at 4 stars. Products can have issues and can fail so I'm not mad. But the company should have responded ( three days and still waiting).
    Update: replacement started acting up, often not making connection to the cellphone. I ended up trying a competitors which has been more reliable, faster connection, and no additional step of using zlink to get to Android. I'll be seeking a refund from the company.

  • Works on Corolla 2020

    Was looking for a way to use a functional GPS app for my car and this little device did this perfectly. Mind you, you need to follow the pairing instructions, can't stress this enough, otherwise you're going to have a hard time with it. Also, not much info is given on why it needs a sim card, which you don't. That's right you do NOT need a sim card for this to work.

    Not that I need to watch Netflix or Disney+ while driving but I can see it being useful if there are the kids in the car. However, I found that I need to unpair my phone and stop using android auto to access those apps plus I have to connect it to my hotspot and I haven't been successful in connecting to the servers of either Netflix or Disney+ to test it out

    To sum it up, buy this if you want to use android auto or to connect wirelessly to your car. If you want to watch Netflix or Disney+ please, stay at home.

  •  Works as mentioned

    The product works as promised. The only reason why I give it a 4 star is for the lack of instruction and support. Also it would be great to be able to use the internal wifi connection to update the software. Overall, I recommend it... it finally made my 2019 Camry fully Android Auto.

    Note: the sound quality drops from time to time, and the GPS drops here and there...

Video of AI-990-RK CarPlay AI Box

Video of carplay CP-800 Z1 Carplay Dongle